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Laundry, Dry Cleaning & Tailoring Delivery
Straight To Your Doorstep

Simple, convenient, and affordable.

Laundry Drop removes the hassle from laundry and dry cleaning. We deliver straight to your doorstep at the click of a mouse. Every garment is cared for to the highest standard so you receive the very best dry cleaning services available.

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How it works

Just three easy steps

Step 1 - Order

1) Order

Schedule for one of our drivers to pick up your laundry or dry cleaning from your company/business/public sector address.

Step 2 - Pick up

2) Pickup

We will pick up your laundry or dry cleaning from your choosen location.

Step 3 - Return 48 hours

3) Return!

Your clothes are returned 48 hours later.

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Caring For The Enviroment

Laundry Drop uses the best dry cleaning technology available. We use Hydrocarbon® cleaning because it is far less aggressive than traditional dry cleaning chemicals. It.s better for your clothing, better for the environment and it doesn.t cost any extra! Our plastic wrap is also biodegradable.